Exterior Features of the Chrysler 300

Solid and stylish, the Chrysler 300 is a popular full-size luxury sedan offering drivers plenty of comfort to go along with excellent road performance. The vehicle's exterior design is an eye-catching blend of luxury accents and practical engineering.

The front grille of the Chrysler 300 is a tight grid pattern balanced on either side by LED headlights. Providing more than illumination, these lights have an automatic leveling monitor that takes into account the vehicle's velocity and position on the road, adapting the light to shine most efficiently ahead at any given moment.

Drivers can also choose the size of wheel, from 17 to 20 inches in size, to better match their own particular driving needs. The hubcaps are a bright aluminum alloy in an appealing abstract design and nicely balance the other bright metal accents on the vehicle's exterior, such as the Chrysler badge on the grille and door handles.



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