Capability Features of the Jeep Compass

Are you looking for a vehicle that has several capability features that will allow you to feel safe in even the worst of weather conditions? If so, the Jeep Compass is a vehicle that was designed to help you be worry-free while traveling.

The Jeep Compass has excellent off-road performance. This is due to the Jeep Active Drive Low 4x4 system that it contains. This is especially helpful when you get the urge to go on an adventure and need a vehicle that can handle being off the road.

The Jeep Compass has many features that will help keep you safe in hazardous weather conditions. The windshield wiper de-icer heats up the windshield to keep it clear from ice and slush. The heated exterior mirrors help maintain a clear view when the air turns frosty. These capability features ultimately ensure your safety and can help you stay worry-free while out on the road.



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