Supreme Side and Cross Path Detection

Of course, it is strongly advised that you always check your entire surroundings at all times: whether it’s before you switch to another lane or backing out of your driveway or parking lot. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting added support. And that’s what the Jeep Cherokee provides if you go with the Latitude Plus, Limited, Overland, or Trailhawk trim. These flavors are equipped with blind spot monitoring and rear cross path detection systems to assist you with viewing your typical blind spots.

When you activate your turn signal, and there’s a vehicle approaching you from the adjacent lane, the blind spot monitoring system alerts you of said vehicle. That way, you can stay put in your current lane until the vehicle passes by you and clears the way.

With the rear cross path detection system, the rearview camera in your Jeep Cherokee shows you a video image of what’s behind you when you move in reverse and detects the area for any traffic. It alerts you when a vehicle is crossing your path, thus keeping you where you are and avoiding a crash.



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