The Jeep brand has a reputation for making highly capable vehicles. Jeep Compass does not disappoint. This enormously popular compact SUV boasts rugged good looks, a strong frame, trend-forward tech and impressive capability features. They're the type of features that make our team members at Dick Poe Chrysler Jeep really excited. Take the following two capability features for example.

Axle Articulation

What does that mean? Axle articulation refers to the flexibility with which an axle moves. An axle that moves flexibly in relation to its chassis results in wheels that stay on the ground, even the worst kind of rocky, off-road ground. Compass' standout axle articulation means Compass' wheels remain in constant contact with any kind of road, conveying greater driver control, stability and traction.

Ice-Free Exterior Mirrors

?Cloudy, iced-up exterior mirrors are inconvenient and dangerous. They make it difficult to monitor your blind spot or merge safely. Compass' exterior mirrors with turn-signal indicators heat up during cold weather, staying free of ice, snow and cloudiness. A Jeep Compass test drive at our El Paso dealership is the best way to experience this SUV's capability features firsthand. We look forward to seeing you.


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