More Than Capable: Jeep Grand Cherokee

Our Dick Poe Chrysler Jeep team doesn't have to search hard for reasons why Jeep Grand Cherokee is so superb in the capabilities category. It tows ridiculous amounts, offers a bunch of in-cabin room and amenities, looks darn good on the road, and handles like a champ. Here are two capability features that confirm what we mean.

Supreme Underbody Protection

Protecting your ride's underbody prolongs its overall life. Jeep Grand Cherokee's underbody boasts premium protection from steel plates engineered to ensure strength, durability and maximum protection. Grand Cherokee makes it easy to eat up El Paso, highway and backcountry roads without worries of damaging the frame or powertrain.

Tow Hooks? Yes, Tow Hooks

Grand Cherokee makes tow hooks not only easy to find but stylish. Bright red tow hooks make it simple as pie to connect whatever you need securely. Meanwhile, four engine options paired to a winning powertrain give you 6,000 to 7,000+ pounds towing capacity.

Feel the power and precision of Jeep Grand Cherokee today with a test drive at our dealership.


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