Easy Charging and Excellent Mileage: What You Can Expect from the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Want a hybrid minivan with the range it takes for a weekend getaway? Test drive the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid to see just how efficient it is. This popular minivan brings together the fuel economy you desire with the space you need.

With a fully charged battery and a full gas tank, you can drive up to 520 miles in a single run. The electric engine can take you 32 miles up the road, with the gas one making the other 488. It gets an estimated 82 MPGe according to the EPA. It automatically switches between the engines as needed to maximize fuel economy.

You can keep the Pacifica Hybrid charged with no problems. Plug it in the available MOPAR charger to get a full charge in as little as two hours. As you drive around, the batteries charge up via regenerative braking. Test drive the Pacifica Hybrid today at Dick Poe Chrysler Jeep.


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