We want to demystify tire replacement today at Dick Poe Chrysler Jeep. Let's talk about simple signs that will help you know when you need new tires.

Before your next car trip in El Paso, grab a penny, and lower the top of Honest Abe's head into each tire's grooves. If you can see space above his head when the penny contacts the bottom of a groove, it's time for tire replacement.

Also, features of modern tires can tell you when they need to be replaced. Wear bars intersect your tires' grooves at several points. You'll find them by letting your gaze drift along the bottom of a groove. If you see rubber above all of your wear bars, you can confidently drive on your tires. Otherwise, we urge you to replace your tires soon. Also, please replace your tires if you find cracks, blisters or other flaws. New tires will improve your handling and safety.


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